Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey Gang!!!! Here's a little cartoon I did a few years ago with the Finster's riding with the Hell's Angels of California. The Hell's Angels were founded in 1948 in California. Take care and check back sooon! Happy riding and stay safe. Your Cartoon Pals....Jeff and the Finsters.


Jack said...

Your art and Blog inspire's me. Thank You.

Here's some Roth Stamps I put together. 10 years is coming up in a couple years.


Jeff DeGrandis said...

Hey Jack Buddy..... Thanks for the great compliment! Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was the first person to inspire me to draw in my life back in the mid-60's in grammar school. I'm glad to have my artwork inspire you as well. I have a great time drawing my cartoons and will keep them coming!!! Take care Jack and I'll see you on the blog soon!!!! I'll check out the Roth stamps.
Your Cartoon Pal...Jeff