Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My pal Fred Babcock's blown 605 hp 1978 Indy Pace Vette. Take care gang!!! Fred, this Finkin' Monster Vette's for you buddy!!! (It's about time!!!!) Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal....Jeff


Here's a drawing I did for my drag racing buddy, Les Morris and his 1988 Ford Mustang. Take care and dig it! Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal........Jeff

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Rat Fink Reunion 2011

Hey Rat Finkers!!!! Here's the poster I did for the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth 2011 Rat Fink Reunion. What a great time with Ilene Roth and the rest of the Finksters!!! Take care!!! Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal...Jeff

DRAG FINK.com!!!!!

Hey Gang!!!! Drag Fink.com is always being updated with new and cool stuff to look at! Check it out!!! I do custom order too! Take care and thanks for checkin' it out! Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal...Jeff


Hey Kids!!! Here's "Orange Crate Nate" done in July 2010. Based on Schwinn's "Orange Crate" bicycles that came out in the late 60's. Take care gang!!! Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal...Jeff

Friday, February 11, 2011


"FINK PAINTS FINK" Started this one last year sometime. Decided to lay a little color on it today. Take care Finksters and Finkettes!! Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal....Jeff